Discussion of Typography and Images

For the titles for my magazine, I will be using the font PT Serif Caption and the size would be 24 points. I would be using this because it looks formal, official and bold. By doing this, it should attract the reader as its eye catching.

For the subtitles for my magazine, I will be using the font Adobe Casino Pro and the size would be 18 point. I would be using this because it also looks professional and formal but it doesn’t look as bold as the title because subtitles are not suppose to be as bold as the titles because they could be mistaken as part of the title. By doing this, the audience would appreciate this because it’s clear for them to read.

For my main text, I will be using Arial and 12 point size. I would be using this because most magazines like Hypebeast use this font because it’s clear to read. By doing this, the audience would feel comfortable reading the magazine because their eyes would be more comfortable as it’s a common font that is used for reading.

For my captions, I would be using Times and 8 point size. I would be using this because the font is clear and easy to read. Also, it’s formal and looks official. By doing this, the audience may feel like the reading an official magazine (reading to be actually sold).

For my images, I will be sourcing my images from shutterstock.com. The style of images I would be looking for would be similar to the photographers:

  • Silas Lee
  • Hong Jang Hyun
  • Duanbar-Brunton
  • Estevez & Beloso
  • Sebastian Kim
  • Aline & Jacqueline Tappia
  • Driu + Tiago
  • Juco
  • Giampaolo Sgura

I will be using these styles of images because it fits with the style of the magazine. By doing this, because of the primary target audience it’s around 18-26 years, the images would fit the taste because the styles of the photographer are quite modern and artistic.


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Audience Research of Similar Products



According to http://www.slideshare.net/CharlesGorra/hypebeast-media-kit-2015 75% of HYPEBEAST magazine’s readers are males and 25% are women. This could be because most of the content is aimed more towards men. By doing this, HYPEBEAST could be losing a lot of potential female readers who could also be interested in urban street clothing. However, there are not many fashion magazines that are aimed more towards men where as there are many fashion magazines that have content aimed more towards female fashion. For example, Vogue magazine and Elle magazine.

The average age for HYPEBEAST is 18-35. This could be because the magazine started off as an online blog then turned into a magazine. Also, the content of the magazine is full of things that people who are with in the age bracket 18-35 would be interested in. For example, the magazine is full of adverts of brands that people who are within that would know, want to buy and can afford e.g. Adidas and Levis.

3,000,000 people are subscribed to HYPEBEAST via Desktop and 500,000 people are subscribed to via mobile. This could be because of the age bracket that read HYPEBEAT. This age group is known to be part of the digital age so they would be reading the magazine more on computer devices than on paper. The reason for having more subscribers who subscribed on the desktop than on a mobile could be because people tend to stay more on a website when they are on the desktop than when they are on their mobile devices. Additionally, around the world more people tend to subscribe to things when they are on their desktop than when they are on the mobile devices.

On the HYPEBEAST media pack, it doesn’t, mention what their audience’s social economic scale is. So I will state what I think their readership’s social economic scale would be based on the content of the magazine. For example, the images, the adverts and the vocabulary used in the magazine.

By looking at the brands that the magazine advertises, for example; Apple, Adidas, Emporio Arman, Dior, Levi, Guess, and Ralph Lauren etc. I would say that the readership would fall under class B-C1 (Middle class – Lower middle class). This is because the people who are in these classes could afford to buy the items that these brands sell. I won’t say that the A (upper class) class wouldn’t be interested in HYPEBEAST because they would be more into buying more expensive items from more valuable designer brands, also designer brands that they can wear to work like Channel, Gucci, D&G, and Burberry. The items that brands like Adidas and Levi sell aren’t appropriate for work for people who are in the upper class.

Business of Fashion (BoF) Magazine:


Unlike HYPEBEAST Magazine, there hasn’t been any official research for BoF magazine’s readership. So I will be conducting a break down of their target audience from reading a number of their articles, seeing what type of content they provide, the images they use, the type of versions of the magazine has, and the layout of their articles.


Looking at the type of content they provide, I would say that the target audience would be from 18- 65– Primary audience: 35-65 and secondary audience: 18-34. This is because, from reading their articles the content they have is more aimed at people who are in the fashion business industry with more established job titles, like CEO’s, Vice Presidents, Directors, and Senior Managers etc. Hence why the primary audience ages is 35-65. I chose 65 to be the ending age bracket because the forced UK ‘s retirement age (forced where they have to step down and retire, the UK no longer has a default retirement age) is 65. But looking at the magazine as a whole (what sections they have), they also provide information that is more aimed at a younger generation. For example, the education section. This is where the magazine mentions the top universities for fashion and basic information about them. It also mentions where people can apply for educational (fashion related subjects) courses. This information would be more aimed at people who are entering university and people who want to do master courses as well as bachelor courses.

I believe that their audiences fall under the A and B. This is because the magazine’s primary audience consists of people who have jobs in higher ranks and earn over £50,000. Occasionally, their audience would fall on the E class as they do have content aimed at students.

Geographically, I would say their target audience would be worldwide but primarily Great Britain because this is where the magazine started and where the BoF Head Quarters of is (their address: Moray House, 23-31 Great Titchfield Street – 6th Floor, London W1W 7PA United Kingdom). Also, the main currency they use is in British pounds (£) “Burberry Group Plc reported a second straight drop in annual earnings and announced plans to save £100 million ($144 million) a year as demand for the UK company’s luxury attire slows from New York to Nanjing” this quotes was taken from their website – http://www.businessoffashion.com/articles/news-analysis/burberry-lays-out-savings-plan-as-annual-earnings-fall-again.


I keep forgetting to update my work on my blog because of my hectic schedule. So now I will be posting all my work… stay tune


This is the powerpoint I made to pitch my Idea to my class. It went well because I mostly knew what I wanted to say. There were some points where i struggled in my pitch. For example, I some point I forget the quote I was using to explain my answer and ended up paraphrasing it. I also used some inappropriate language because I was really nervous and ended up stumbling on my words. For example, I said “so man freaking jobs” when I should have just said there was a tone of jobs.

But overall, it went pretty well.

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Research Evaluation

What research I did & How did my research help me?

The research I conducted for my Final Major Project is a mixture of both Primary and Secondary Research. It consists of an online survey, online articles and YouTube videos. My findings I have helped me by gaining some content for my magazine and some understanding about the fashion business world. 

Where there any interesting findings?

During my research I found a few findings that really caught my interest. For one of my articles, I needed to research on how to be a successful businessman or businesswomen. I decided to focus on millionaires and successful entrepreneurs. I researched on tips and habits on becoming an millionaire. I found out that some of them just focus more on important decisions and tend not to focus more on the lesser ones. For example they focus all their energy on the important decisions and probably wear the same outfit or same meal everyday, e.g jeans and a black turtleneck. I also found out through my primary research the majority of the people who took the survey haven’t heard of BoF who are a potential rival for my magazine. This could mean that if my magazine was successful it would make a major impact because the majority if the people in the UK or it could be that most people are not interested in Fashion business.

What research is going to help me and what research is not going to help me?

The research I feel that I would use is the list of fashion careers and the basic information about each (for example, the salary, how to get the job etc.), some of the tips on becoming a successful entrepreneur, majority of the fashion business related news and some of the findings I found in my online survey. The reasons why is because I feel that these pieces of information are the most important because of the following reasons:

  1. The information found would help me in writing my articles
  2. I feel that the information answers the questions that may be asked when readings my articles.
  3. They help me find what my potential audience may be interested in.


There are some pieces of Information I feel that wouldn’t be of much use. For example, I found out through my online survey, that majority of people would pay for a weekly subscriptions for the prices between £1-£1.50. This information seems a bit useless to me because I can’t possible use it. I can’t sell my magazine for £1-£1.50 a week because I wouldn’t make much profit. 

What areas did I spend more time to research & Why?

I spent majority of my research on Fashion careers because there is some much information about it. I feel that this is because so many people have so many questions about this. I also spent so much time researching about this because fashion careers is really the main reason why I wanted to create this magazine. I also have so many questions to ask about the fashion industry because I also wanted to have a career there.

What issues did I have when researching & how did I overcome this issue?

I don’t think I had many problems when researching because I had a clear plan of what I wanted to research on and I found all that I was looking for. The only thing I would say that was a bit of a problem for me was the fact that there was so much information to research and the time I had. How I overcame this problem was by asking for extra time and organising my time well.


Overall, I feel that my research was done well but there is still a lot more research that needs to be done. For example, I feel that I could do more Primary research e.g, conducting a focus group to find out what house style my potential audience may like. I also feel that I could expand where the sources of my information come from, For example, Books on fashion career, books written by successful billionaires or interviewing students who are into fashion and ask them what’s wrong with the fashion industry (to gain more content for an article). I will be planning on doing these things so that my research would good so that my final product would come out good, good research equals good product.